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Problem with courses not updated

4 October 2011 No Comment

Dear students,

One of the common problem for students in the early semester is that courses registered does not appear at all or there is more/less courses in the myCourse section.

Please note that list of courses is obtained from Student Information Management System (SIMS) and due to that there is a slight delay in transferring your courses into i-Learn.


  1. You have just add/remove course but there is no changes in i-Learn, please allow for up to 3 days for your course to appear since we are trying as fast as possible to update the course list from SIMS into i-Learn.
  2. You have add/remove your course last week and there are still no update on your myCourse list, this is a problem. Please do let us know by calling us or drop us a comment with your Name, Student ID as well the name of the course that appear/not appear.
  3. You myCourse list is still empty after 2 weeks of class, this is a BIG problem. You MUST let us know immediately by  calling us or drop us a comment with your Name and Student ID.

Hope this guide helps.

i-Learn Admin.

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