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Subject Matter Expert (SME)

1 June 2011 4 Comments

Date: 30 October – 1 November 2012

Venue: UiTM Campus Pulau Pinang

SMEs are responsible in developing the teaching and learning content of the subject matter into multimedia format. the developed content will be uploaded onto the Learning Management System (LMS) as standard material to be shared with other users.


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  • Hisham said:


    Saya minat utk join SME gak. Cam ne nak daftar?

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  • adnin said:


    Kami akan ke sana pada tahun depan jika bilangan yang menyertai itu sehingga 20-25 orang.

  • hanisah ahmad said:


    if I’m interested to join SMEs as one of developer for teaching material. how to apply?

    thank you..