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I-Learn, SUFO and Blended Learning

1 June 2011 103 Comments

Date: 18 & 19 April 2011

Venue: UiTM Kampus Perlis

i-Learn is for learning management system for e-learning in UiTM. Relevant to today’s technological advancement, i-Learn system acts as a platform that supports the teaching and learning process in UiTM.

SUFO stands for Student Feedback Online is an online system to evaluate the overall teaching and learning components in terms of lecturer’s quality assurance and performance, content and infrastructure. The objective is to set up a standard and reliable instrument of evaluation for all UiTM campuses in Malaysia and to produce new and contemporary innovation with high technology.

i-Learn Centre, together with the Academic Affairs Division, are gearing towards the Blended Lerarning concept by introducing it to UiTM students and lecturers in 2011. The project involves lecturers and students both at the main campus and branch campuses.


  • nor afidah bt ja'afar said:

    salam,my ID 2011808694..saya ada masalah dengan i-Learn di mana saya tidak boleh membuka i-Learn selepas menekan update atau pon refresh telah menyebabkan saya tidak dapat log in untuk i-Learn..saya sudah masukkan maklumat,seperti nama,program,fakulti dan pasword..tetapi masih tidak dapat..dan kena sebagai user error..saya harap masalah saya dapat di bantu..kerana i-Learn amatlah penting..saya berharap sangat..

  • dieza said:

    asalammualaikum… blh tanya … camney nak daftar sufo

  • as said:

    salam…kenapa saya tidak boleh daftar subjek utk sem ini?adakah sbab saya tidak mmbuat sufo pda sem lpas??

  • adnin said:

    Assalamulaikum Azie,

    For your information, SUFO already close last Friday 11 November. If you want get exam result, please contact to your faculty. We can’t open SUFO for second time.

    Thanks you

  • azie said:

    bole x balas comment sy secepat yg bole….
    sy mesti lengkapkan suFO nie minggu nie jgak….

  • adnin said:

    Assalamulaikum Aida,

    For your information, SUFO already close last Friday 11 November. If you want get exam result, please contact to your faculty. We can’t open SUFO for second time.

    Thanks you

  • aida said:

    knpe suFO xbole bukak ya…

  • azie said:


    maaf menganggu…
    sy xdpt check result sbk xlengkapkan suFO,,,,but that day when i try to finish mysuFO it cant to access and it is not available…they also said that there is no file available..
    so,what should i do??
    plezzz help me and im very sorry for mymistake

    id no: 2009685664
    campus: sri iskandar, perak

  • faiz ismail said:

    sufo sy ada masalah..saya telah membuat muatnya..tetapi pihak anda ckap tidak…sekarang result sy tidak dpt tngk…tolong sy kena buat pe… sy dah check berkali2…

    no student: 2009264364
    uitm terenganu,kampus dungun…

  • faiz ismail said:

    sufo sy ada masalah..saya telah membuat muatnya..tetapi pihak anda ckap tidak…sekarang result sy tidak dpt tngk…tolong sy kena buat pe…

  • nor safura said:

    salam…..boleh x bgtau x bila sufo bukak lak??
    saya xingt nk buat sufo tu..
    ada sapa2 ley gtaw…plissss…

  • faiz said:


    saya stdent pra- diploma uitm perak. saya tidak bolen masuk ke i-learn. database error. ID 2011204276

  • Zhafran said:

    ID:2010841638.Saya juga ada masalah sama seperti afezah.Pada 2.10.2011,sebaik sahaja saya mendapat sms yang mengatakan saya masih tidak melengkapkan SuFO, saya terus ke i.learn untuk melengkapkannya.Tetapi sehingga sekarang, saya masih tidak dapat keputusan saya.

  • adnin said:

    Dear Mohd Noor Fawzi,

    Your i-Learn account has been created, please read your mail for further instruction on how to login.
    Thank you.



    Tolong daftar nama saya sebagai pengguna i-learn.

    NOMBOR PEKERJA: 162689

    Terlebih dahulu diucapkan ribuan terima kasih.


  • jamilah said:

    saya nak tgk kpstn tak dapat lah..sedangkan dah lengkap pun sufo.. nie no pelajar saya 2011230034

  • nurfa erma said:

    Salam..mcm mn nk wat SuFO?sy xleh nk tgk result exam..ni id sy 2009843328

  • Saiful Azhar said:

    Welcome to i-Learn portal. It seems that your data is not in the i-Learn system.
    Please fill in the following form in order for us to add you to i-Learn database.
    Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you have an enjoyable experience using i-Learn.

    Fullname : Saiful Azhar Bin Md Rasid
    Programme : BM 112
    Faculty : Faculty of Business MGT
    ULC : Uitm Jengka, Pahang
    Password :
    Retype Password :

    then after i register, it appear;

    Database error
    Session halted

    can you help me?
    student id 2009804104

  • WIS said:

    saya sudah login ke student portal.then,bile da klik kt i-learn,xbole plak.database error.
    dye ckp my username not exist in i-learn.pdhal saya da penah masuk i-learn sebelum nie..how to solve it? any help,please..

  • wan said:

    assalam, dear admin, my friend have a problem with SUFO, actually she already did the survey, but the day before the examination result which will come out on 4th November tomorrow, our Uitm called and reminded her that she didn’t complete yet the SUFO. So, how to solve this problem? Tq

  • afezah said:

    salam ..
    ID 2010268416.saya sudah login ke studnt protl.tetapi tidak boleh masuk ke i-learn.database error.

  • adnin said:


    Sebagai seorang pelajar, tiada password diperlukan untuk mengakses i-learn. just login to i-student portal and click to i-learn/i-class portal. Can you give student ID? i will check your current problem..

    Thanks you

  • afezah said:

    saya ada masalah dengan sufo.password yang selalu saya gunakan untuk ke i-learn tidak aktif lagi.macam mana ini boleh berlaku,sedangkan saya tidak pernah menukarnya.

  • adnin said:

    Assalamualaikum Fiza,

    Boleh terangkan secara details apa masalah Fiza tidak boleh masuk i-learn? Sebelum itu, boleh saya dapatkan no pelajar, fakulti, cawangan dan kod kursus?

    Terima Kasih

  • fiza said:

    boleh sy tahu kenapa sy xboleh log in ke i-learn??

  • nurwasilah said:

    assalam. i’m a student and i have a problem with sufo. i suppose to have 5 course,but only two of them appeared. i don’t have any idea why another three courses not there. can someone help me?

  • Imran said:

    hey. saya pelajar asasi undang2 p1005 semester 3. saya nak buat SUFO untuk semua subjek2 saya kat ilearn tak boleh pun -.-

  • Mohd Ali Mohd Isa said:

    Dear Fariz,

    Student does not have to register to use i-Learn since every student with a student ID can login into i-Learn.
    BUT student can only access i-Learn by first login into iStudent portal and then clicking the i-Learn/i-Class portal link on the menu.

    Thank you.

  • fariz said:

    i also missed my class already.
    how to register..? =(

  • Mohd Ali Mohd Isa said:

    Salam Aziratulain,

    Boleh tolong beritahu kursus yang anda mengalami masalah untuk membuat SuFO dan apa masalah yang anda hadapi. Jika boleh sila sertakan ID pelajar anda.
    Terima kasih.

  • aziratualain said:

    mslh dlm ilearn. ada subjek yg tak boleh buat SUFO. mcm mana ye ?

  • Mohd Ali Mohd Isa said:

    Dear Noorhaslinda,

    Could you inform us whether you are a student or a lecturer?

    Thank you

  • Noorhaslinnda Ali said:

    how to register i-learn ?? i missed 1 class =(((